December 7th, 2010


Yesterday I went to check out the Snowflake Experience because I noticed that the proceeds of some items that are for sale will be donated to Toys for Tots - in some cases it’s 100% of the proceeds, 75%, 50% etc. which is displayed clearly on those vendors. Events that are part of some type of charity always feel more worth checking out to me and I like this cause. Some of my favourite things that I picked up are displayed above - it’s the stool by Olive Juice, long-johns by Paper.Doll and hair by LoQ Hairs. The stool has six animations and pillow textures, the long-johns come in two patterns and the hairs include several hairbase colours. The socks shown are unfortunately no longer available but were from Untone Quilt. Hope you are all doing well, and click the picture for a SLURL!

♥ M.

November 30th, 2010

Burned Rice’s “Noodle Chair”

Stumbled upon this steal today and was quite surprised and pleased to see the price - 1L for a well-crafted chair with four cute poses and shadows cast in the direction of either north, east, south or west. The icing on the cake? It’s only 2 prims <3. Sold in a “summer” or “winter” version which seem to be identical but with a different set of poses. The fact that I have a weak spot for clean and simple design makes it even better.

Visit the store.


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