December 30th, 2010

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays! :) I’ve been incredibly lazy. Coincidentally I just found a cozy new home in SL and Mon Tissu released a (big) bunch of beautifully feminine clothes that are perfect to just lounge in or mix and match casually so that’s what I’ve been wearing while decorating - being pretty much a hermit and not leaving the plot for other things than furniture stores. There’s a couple of items for the guys as well so I got TR to join in for a pic as well as snap it! 

Maitreya also released gorgeous new boots and socks, the latter which you can see in the two first pics. The sculpted socks/feet have a really natural shape and are wearable in three different ways - “flat”, “tip toe” or invisible to work nicely with shoes. Onyx just doesn’t disappoint. Although there’s not really a cold floors-issue in SL I’ll be keeping my feet “warm” with these. 


Click heeeeere for details!

♥ M.

December 22nd, 2010

Earlier today there was a formal release by LeLutka which will be their last release of 2010 and I had the pleasure to pose for a pic in one of my favourite pieces. There’s a lot more to check out at the store so if you’d like to celebrate the holidays and greet the new year with a bit of glam I suggest you go check it out. I am wearing the Reina gown, Thora is wearing the Ariel jacket with the Shiver gown and Minnu is wearing the Shutter dress. All photo credits go to Minnu! Link to the LeLutka blog and post here <3

December 10th, 2010

I guess Leopard #2 is the slightly eccentric look and I wanted it to look “thrown together” but somewhat elegant and trashy at the same time. As if you were in a rush getting dressed and grabbed whatever was lying on the back of a chair then finished it off with one or two classier statement pieces. I’m loving LG Concept’s Baba Turban which is one of the One Eleven items and last time I checked there were still some left. Another item that’s really grown on me is the Furry Shoulder Shawl by KnickKnack - a store I hadn’t heard of before that seems to specialize in modest medieval clothing/accessories, some of which I could actually see myself mixing up in casual and modern outfits too. 

Turban (One Eleven Exlusive) and ring by LG Concept
Hair by Boon
Glasses by Epoque
Furry Shoulder Shawl by KnickKnack
Stole by RunoRuno
Cardigan by Beetlebones
Fur vest parts by Bijou
Sweater by Maknie
Belt by Glasnost
Shorts and Nailpolish by Tres Blah
Leggings by The Closet
Bag by Modd.G
Boots (One Eleven Exclusive) by Surf Couture
Poses by Oracul 

December 9th, 2010

Animal prints isn’t something I go crazy over but once in a while it can be fun to try something different and step out of your own box, so I played around with some items and ended up with two different looks with leopard and this Beetlebones cardigan in common. Going to post them both here and am starting off with this one!

I like leopard print best paired with mostly neutral tones so I took that to an extreme with the first outfit where I was going for a neat and preppy look with a slight edge. So I kept accessories at a minimum and tried to leave the skirt in focus.

Skin and Lipstick by LeLutka
Hair by Kin
Sunglasses and ring by Paper Couture
Cape and skirt by Milk Motion (50L Friday items)
Cardigan by Beetlebones
Crochet Sweater by Nylon Outfitters
Stockings and shoes by Maitreya
Bag + Dog by Zooby’s
Poses by Oracul 

December 7th, 2010


Yesterday I went to check out the Snowflake Experience because I noticed that the proceeds of some items that are for sale will be donated to Toys for Tots - in some cases it’s 100% of the proceeds, 75%, 50% etc. which is displayed clearly on those vendors. Events that are part of some type of charity always feel more worth checking out to me and I like this cause. Some of my favourite things that I picked up are displayed above - it’s the stool by Olive Juice, long-johns by Paper.Doll and hair by LoQ Hairs. The stool has six animations and pillow textures, the long-johns come in two patterns and the hairs include several hairbase colours. The socks shown are unfortunately no longer available but were from Untone Quilt. Hope you are all doing well, and click the picture for a SLURL!

♥ M.

December 4th, 2010

At the Tip of My Fingers

If you are like me and: 1. Too lazy to tint and fit prim hands for different skintones and skins, 2. Not a huge fan of prim nails then you might want to grab Tres Blah’s set of glove layer nails. Most of the time when I’ve purchased this type of nails in the past they’ve been priced at around 100L a pair, which can feel a little pricey. These nails are sold in a fatpack containing 20 colours and a little nail polish bottle too, for a total of 75L. Personally I love the colour selection which ranges from cute pastels and polkadots to deeper and more classic tones. Don’t miss out!


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