December 2nd, 2010

"COMFORTABLY CLASSIC" - The first mix’n’match look I post here is a casual look with warm tones, a little bit of print and a lot of different materials. Something comfortable, put together with classics.

A few notes about some of the items:

The “Navajo Bag” used here is an old 50L Friday item by Milk Motion so I’m unsure if it’s still available. If you somehow managed to miss that Elikapeka Tiramisu opened a new store I suggest you go visit and definitely pick up this hair when you do, it’s 0L for all colours and comes in two versions - I don’t think I’ve ever used a freebie hair as much as this one and the other styles offered at Elikatira are gorgeous yet modestly priced. Izumiya's cardigan is also modestly priced at 80L each with a number of options, available in 10 colours. 

♥ M.


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