December 30th, 2010

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays! :) I’ve been incredibly lazy. Coincidentally I just found a cozy new home in SL and Mon Tissu released a (big) bunch of beautifully feminine clothes that are perfect to just lounge in or mix and match casually so that’s what I’ve been wearing while decorating - being pretty much a hermit and not leaving the plot for other things than furniture stores. There’s a couple of items for the guys as well so I got TR to join in for a pic as well as snap it! 

Maitreya also released gorgeous new boots and socks, the latter which you can see in the two first pics. The sculpted socks/feet have a really natural shape and are wearable in three different ways - “flat”, “tip toe” or invisible to work nicely with shoes. Onyx just doesn’t disappoint. Although there’s not really a cold floors-issue in SL I’ll be keeping my feet “warm” with these. 


Click heeeeere for details!

♥ M.

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